March 31 to May 14, 2023

at Kunstmuseum Bonn

The artists: Antonia Baehr, Jule Flierl & Isabell Spengler; Shobun Baile; Stephanie Barber; Concha Barquero & Alejandro Alvarado; Maija Blåfield; Eliane Esther Bots; Elkin Calderón Guevara & Diego Piñeros García; Felipe Castelblanco & Lydia Zimmermann; Kent Chan; Federico Cuatlacuatl Teles; Douwe Dijkstra; Will Fredo; Dor Guez; Carlos Irijalba; Ji Su Kang-Gatto; Timoteus Anggawan Kusno; Layton Lachman; Stéphanie Lagarde; Alaa Mansour; Pol Merchan; Julian Quentin; Rrangwane Sade Shoalane Rabasha; Alisi Telengut; Mona Vatamanu & Florin Tudor; Poyen Wang; Andrew Norman Wilson; Yan Wai Yin.

The VIDEONALE will take place in its 19th edition from 31.03. - 14.05.2023 with an exhibition of 27 video artworks at Kunstmuseum Bonn and a diverse program in the midst of the exhibition and at satellites in the urban area of Bonn.

Opening: Thursday, March 30 2023, 7pm

With each work, a new window is opened to the diverse range of contemporary productions from the field of video art and moving images. The themes are as varied as they are relevant to the present, reflecting the current situation in the world as well as drawing attention to the private and little elucidated niches of the collective consciousness:

Together with the artists, we take a look at the power imbalance between the Global North and Global South and cast a view on the effects of this imbalance on nature and humans from different—oftentimes indigenous—perspectives. Via the stages of performative mise-en-scènes, we enter into the worlds of queer notions of the body that not only give an account of the difficult path to finding one’s identity in a heteronormative environment, but at the same time relate the search for new, autonomous forms of community. We tune in to the stream of selfie formats and listen to autobiographical stories of experiencing discrimination and everyday racism. We experience how art and culture cut their way through the cracks in the walls of censorship and how the struggle for freedom of speech is resolutely and permanently inscribed in public urban space—always and at all times present for everyone. When we then wind up in an elevator somewhere between a mine 120 meters below ground level and the 32nd floor of a real estate investment, we have arrived in a reality that in all its fragility needs to be viewed in a new manner here today.

In more than 10 hours of video material and the most diverse aesthetic approaches, ranging from performances, to stop-motion and digital animations, experimental shorts and documentaries, all the way to spatial installations, we draw nearer to these themes in our program and discuss them with the artists and our audience.

Che-Yu Hsu, 副本人(Single Copy), 2019, Preisträger VIDEONALE.18


We are pleased to have Fluentum from Berlin as a long-standing partner who, like us, is enthusiastic about contemporary art in the field of video and film and supports artists through exhibitions, co-productions as well as purchases for its own collection. At the opening of VIDEONALE.19, the Videonale Award by Fluentum, endowed with 5,000 euros, will be awarded for the fourth time by an independent jury from among all selected works.

At VIDEONALE.18 this was 副本人(Single Copy) by Che-Yu Hsu. Further information on the winners of previous years can be found here: VIDEONALE AWARD