Since 2005, the Videonale - Festival for Video and Time-based Art Forms has been held at Kunstmuseum Bonn on an exhibition space of over 800sqm. The works selected as part of the competition are presented as individual presentations in the space.

Together with an exhibition designer, an independent exhibition architecture is developed for each edition, which responds to the works, their themes and technical features and at the same time invites the visitor into a specially created spatial atmosphere for the duration of the visit to the exhibition. In the interplay between scenography and curatorial location in space, a dense parcours of audiovisual artistic works emerges, all of which stand on their own and yet in dialogue with each other.

With exhibition architect Ruth Lorenz of maaskant Berlin, we are designing an independent scenography and atmosphere for the VIDEONALE.19:

"Exhibition architecture makes art accessible. It gives stories a spatial form and creates sensual atmospheres. The Videonale is about presenting moving images in an open layout. The videos are arranged as a dynamic spatial experience, where architectonical surfaces serve as spatial touchpoints for the videos’ individual atmospheres. The works are emphatically curated: Their arrangement creates connections between them, and we — surrounded by oversized, multilayered screens — are right in the heart of VIDEONALE.19.

Art allows us to look at the world with fresh eyes; it lets us be part of frictions, allows us to share processes of transformation, see new solidarities. Our purpose is to construct a spatial metaphor for this wavering world. It penetrates the museum: In the White Cube, video screens are floating around the Videonale Circus; a tent-like structure. The Circus — a soft, translucent nucleus — becomes the Videonale’s outer lair. Inside, the themes are spread out; a protected platform for new plots. This is where the exhibition becomes an inclusive space to interact in, where everyone is welcome.

The screens are windows to the world, interwoven into a network of complicit ropes. The moving images are interlaced with the tent’s web, the subject matters unfold, the »fabrics« are connected, flickering film images color the room.
Tilting bars disturb the viewer’s perspective. The usual white in white is escalated and foiled by neon orange. This is how a wavering world is newly constructed and turned into an emphatic space for inclusive processes of human empowerment under the tent roof of VIDEONALE.19."

Ruth Lorenz | Architect and exhibition designer | maaskant Berlin

Videonale’s exhibition architects since 2005

V15 - 19: Ruth Lorenz, maaskant Berlin
V14: Julia Büchel
V13: Affairen – Gestaltungsnetzwerk: Julie Junginger, Julia Majewski
V12: Till Hergenhahn, Hellen Kleine
V11: Designkollektiv Frank Leuwer, Anke Rohlfing, Muna Sawas
V10: Jochen Specht / RWTH Aachen

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