1. VIDEONALE.19 — Festival for Video and Time-Based Arts will take place from March 31st — May 15th, 2023 at the Kunstmuseum Bonn, Germany.

  2. VIDEONALE.19 is held by Videonale e.V., an independent non-profit organization.

  3. Videonale presents all types of experimental time-based artworks — single- and multi-channel video, video installations, performances, sound art, and virtual reality works in a six-week exhibition at the Kunstmuseum Bonn, Germany.


  1. Artists/artist collectives of any nationality and age can submit up to two works. There are no restrictions on duration, content, theme or genre of the work submitted. Studies at and a degree from an art academy is not required for participation.

  2. The submitted work must have been completed after January 1, 2020.

  3. Works produced in a language other than English must have English subtitles.

  4. Submission deadline is June 30, 2022 (23:59 CET).


  1. Only works submitted through our online submission platform will be considered.

  2. To be eligible for the selection the following materials have to be submitted:
    a. Biography
    b. List of the exhibitions/festivals the work has already been presented.
    c. Preview link to the completed work (in full-length and, if applicable, in 360°/ interactive format) on your own website or Vimeo, YouTube or a VR platform. Download links as well as trailers and excerpts are not accepted as preview copies. The preview link and password, if required, must be valid until March 2023 (the link will also be used by the authors of the catalogue texts). In the case of performance submissions, a preview link to a video documentation can be submitted, if available. In case of virtual reality submissions, an executable file and a separate pdf-file with technical specifications (required equipment, software requirements specification, installation) must be sent to additionally.
    d. When submitting a work in the categories video installation, performance, sound art and virtual reality, detailed descriptions, installation instructions including specifications of the optimal presentation form in an exhibition as well as information about the technical requirements and, in case of performance submission, information about performance process must be enclosed additionally, as well as, if available, a preview link to a video documentation.

  3. Please refrain from sending other materials by post, for example, a portfolio or catalogue. Any materials sent to us, can only be returned, if a prepaid envelope is provided. Otherwise the materials will be disposed of.


  1. An administration fee per submission will be charged via PayPal:
    a. until June 14, 2022: 15 euros
    b. from June 15, 2022: 20 euros

  2. Only when the administration fee has been paid is the work submitted for the competition and the submitter will receive a confirmation email. The date of payment determines the amount of the administration fee.

  3. In exceptional cases, submission fee for the competition can be waived. Reasonable requests can be sent until June 29, 2022 to The same applies in case of restrictions for the use of PayPal services.

  4. After completing your submission with the payment of the administration fee, changes to the submission can no longer be made.

  5. Until the submission deadline, the works submitted can be withdrawn from the competition. In such a case, the administration fee will not be refunded.


  1. A competition jury will decide on the participation of the submitted works in the VIDEONALE.19.

  2. All submitters will be informed about the decision of the competition jury starting from October 2022. Information about the selection process and a possible participation cannot be provided before that and we kindly ask not to make inquiries.

  3. One of the works selected for the VIDEONALE.19 will receive the Videonale Award by Fluentum worth 5.000 euros. The winner of the Videonale Award by Fluentum will be selected by an independent award jury and will be announced at the opening night of the VIDEONALE.19.

  4. Works are automatically submitted to the competition for the participation in the VIDEONALE.19 as well as the competition for the Videonale Award by Fluentum.


  1. The selected works will be presented in an exhibition at the Kunstmuseum Bonn or as part of events within the festival program. In exceptional cases 35mm, 16mm and Super 8 may be realized. DCP projections and Surround Sound are not possible.

  2. The decision on the best possible form of presentation of the work will be made in consultation between the artistic director of VIDEONALE.19, the artist and the exhibition architect. The artists have the possibility to indicate a preference for the presentation of the work (as projection or on a monitor) in the entry form or to submit installations instructions.

  3. In case of selection for the VIDEONALE.19, a digital exhibition copy of the work has to be uploaded to the Videonale server no later than December, 2022. The technical specifications for the exhibition copy will be sent to the selected artists after the official announcement of the selected works.


  1. When submitting the work and the submission materials for the competition, the submitter holds the rights for presenting them at the VIDEONALE.19 and for publishing it in the Videonale publications and media. The submitter declares that he/she/they has/have obtained all necessary consent from third parties as called for by regulations governing copyrights, personal property rights or other legal provisions and is/are authorized to convey such rights to Videonale, and can provide proof of it at any time if called upon by Videonale to do so.

  2. The submitted work and materials may be stored and used by Videonale for archiving, documentation and scientific research.

  3. Any commercial use of the submitted work and materials is excluded.

  4. If the submitted work is selected for the VIDEONALE.19, Videonale and a third party authorized by Videonale may store and make the selected work and submitted materials public as a whole or in part for the following non-commercial purposes:
    a. Presentation at the VIDEONALE.19 and other events organized by Videonale;
    b. Publishing of the submitted materials in the Videonale publications
    (among others, catalogue, exhibition guide) and media (among others, website, social media, app);
    c. Public Relations for the VIDEONALE.19 and other activities of Videonale.

  5. The rights conveyed to Videonale are limited to the purposes of the conveyance mentioned above, but unlimited with respect to time and geographical location. Prior consent from the rights holders is required for any other use that goes beyond that.

  6. In the case the selected work shall be presented in retrospectives, screenings, lectures or additional exhibitions in Germany and abroad as part of Videonale on Tour for non-commercial purposes, the right holders hereby give their consent and grant Videonale the non-exclusive reproduction and distribution rights in perpetuity on a worldwide basis for this purpose. The artists will be informed about that in advance and can withdraw their consent anytime.

  7. Videonale has established the online video archive of the Videonale ( as a presentation platform for the selected artists beyond the festival and as a research and education tool for curators, art collectors, academics and anyone interested in video art. For this purpose, a separate agreement will be made with the submitter in case of selection for the VIDEONALE.19.

  8. Submission of a work implies acceptance of these terms and conditions. In case of doubts the German version of these regulations is binding. There is no right of appeal. All matters in doubt will be decided by the festival direction according to international guidelines.

Download the regulations as PDF here.

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